Date Processed NO. ADOT / COG / MPO DESCRIPTION NOTES Date Approved by the FHWA/FTA Processed By
17-Feb-04 1 YMPO Include new Bridge Construction/Replacement Projects   Approved 3/2/04 James Zumpf
02-Mar-04 2 SEAGO Multiple enhancement projects; bridge replacement; reconstruction.   Approved 3/12/04 Dianne Kresich
03-Mar-04 3 PAG SR 86 (Sells, Brawley Wash, Three Points and Transit Projects PAG TIP Amendment #4 (number 1 for us, other 3 were included in the draft STIP) Approved 3/3/2004 Sandra Gilbert
08-Mar-04 4 WACOG Signal @ Hwy 95 & Airport Dr in Parker; reduce budget for signal @ Bluewater & Hwy 95; and increase of $39K to London Br Rd project   Approved 3/22/04 James Zumpf
17-Feb-04 5 YMPO Include new Transit System Projects Please reserve STIP Amendment #5 of the FY 2004-2006 STIP for a YMPO FTA amendment. This amendment was initially # 18 from the FY 2003-2005 STIP. I have spoke with Hymie Luden from FTA and I faxed the necessary paperwork for his approval. I've asked Hymie to use Amendment # 5 for our tracking purposes. Approved 3/15/04 James Zumpf
05-Apr-04 6 MAG Add 10 new projects-delete 5 projects A variety of funding sources and will need joint approval from FHWA/FTA Approved 4/13/04 A. Smith
07-Apr-04 7 PAG Add new TEA projects, transfer PDAF funding, add design and ROW purchase - STP PAG TIP Amendment #5 FY 2004-2008. TEA, PDAF, STP funding Approved 4/26/04 Sandra Gilbert
12-May-04 8 YMPO Add TEA Projects Add TEA Projects to Table 10 Approved 5/26/04 James Zumpf
12-May-04 9 YMPO Amend Transit Tables 8 & 9 Amend Table 8 & 9 for FTA Grant James Zumpf
01-Jun-04 10 ADOT Colorado River BR (Hoover Dam Bypass $102 M - various Federal funding sources Approved 6/1/04 Lupe Harriger
02-Jun-04 11 PAG Reduce 12.6% funding - Grant/Campbell, Increase 12.6% funding - Cienega Road. Revise project limits - I-10: Cortaro TI to Tangerine TI, Revise project limits - I-10: Tangerine TI to Pinal Air Park TI; Delete Alternate Mode Improvements FY04 STP - Add Silverbell Corridor Study STP PAG TIP Amendments # 6 & 7 FY 2004-2008. 12.6%, NH, STP funding Approved 6/9/04 Sandra Gilbert
28-Jun-04 12 MAG Five tables of changes to MAG TIP TEA, NHS, type of funds A. Smith
28-Jun-04 13 NACOG Amend TIP to include two new construction projects and one design project PLH Funded projects (Public lands Highway Discretionary Funds) within Apache County J. Zumpf
06-Jul-04 14 YMPO Amend TIP to include transit amendments FTA 5303 & 5307 K. Schneiders
06-Jul-04 15 ADOT Hwy Safety Program, BAC .08 Governor's Office of Hwy Safety Lupe Harriger
08-Jul-04 16 PAG Revise project PAG TIP ID #86.02 Major Streets and Routes Plan and Add project - PAG TIP ID #122.04 Traffic Operations Analysis Marana Rd, Tangerine Rd., Moore Rd., Avra Valley Rd Operations Study for TI Improvements Local funding and PAG PDAF funding Sandra Gilbert
20-Jul-04 17 MAG MAG 4 parts: transit, LRT, Highway, and Interim closeout Will be expecting another prior to end of federal year-end A. Smith
12-Aug-04 18 MAG MAG 2parts-State highway and administrative adjustments Close-out to current TIP FY2004-2007 A. Smith
12-Aug-04 19 NACOG 3 New projects and modification to others Modify several other project funding amounts Approved 8/23/04 A. Smith for J.Zumpf
13-Aug-04 20 SEAGO New Safford bridge Omitted from last year's TIP. ADOT will provide $1M in BR funding until Section 115 funds are available. Dianne Kresich
18-Aug-04 21 ADOT Scenic Byways, Amber Alert   Lupe Harriger
16-Sep-04 22 YMPO Hotel Del Sol enhancement project Modifies scope from rehab to acquistion Karen Schneiders
10-Oct-04 23 ADOT Mariposa Port of Entry Design & Construct new fast lane Lupe Harriger
04-Nov-04 24 ADOT Sunshine BNSF RR OP, WB Deck Replacement (modify funding to add $400K of IBRC (Federal) funds to budget Lupe Harriger
08-Dec-04 25 ADOT SR 77, MP 141.4 to MP 144.6 Intersection Improvements Approved 12/8/04 Lupe Harriger