Date Processed NO. ADOT / COG / MPO DESCRIPTION NOTES Date Approved by the FHWA/FTA Processed By
01-May-02 1 MAG 202L (Red Mountain Fwy) Tovrea Castle TEA Preserving historic vistas $500 ($1M Local) 07-May-02 A. Smith
23-May-02 2 ADOT / COG / MPO Hoover Dam, H3955 01C & Rec Trails Program, H3940 09X $19,956K in FY 01 Sec 378 Demo funds & $8,000K in FFY 02 of Public Lands Discretionary funds - Hoover Dam 06-Jun-02 Lupe H.
21-Jun-02 3 YMPO YMPO Transit (Table 8) For FTA Grant Process 09-Jul-02 M. Carpenter
25-Jun-02 4 ADOT / COG / MPO UofA / ATLAS - ITS PH IV Systems Integration Project (ITS 990-4(010) Lupe H.
05-Aug-02 5 SEAGO Cochise County bridge replacement (Bisbee Jct) & Sierra Vista safety (HES) project Increase bridge project from $780K to $1,200K and increase safety project from $227,255 to $528,500 19-Aug-02 Lupe H./ Artemio H.
05-Aug-02 5 ADOT 511 Traveler Information (Model Deployment) Fed Funds $1,140,000 / St Match $285,00 19-Aug-02 Lupe H.
05-Aug-02 5 ADOT Governor's Office of Hwy Safety (Hwy Safety Program - BAC 0.08) Fed Funds $2,000,00 / no match 19-Aug-02 Lupe H.
05-Aug-02 5 ADOT Douglas - Strategic Weight & Inspection Facility (Design & Cst) Fed Funds $995,000 / St Match $60,143 19-Aug-02 Lupe H.
19-Aug-02 6 MAG Miscellaneous project changes includes six new projects & reserving $1.5M of MAG-STP funds for 2005 Special Census A. Smith
26-Aug-02 7 ADOT Two Scenic By-Way Projects SB-AZ-02(001) & (002) Indian Rt 12 & 64 (Navajo Nation) & SW-Scenic Rds Web Site (AZ Highways) Lupe H.
06-Sep-02 8 NACOG Willow CK BR / Sundog BR Additional funds for Willow Ck Br $500K & add Sundog Br in FY 2004 for $1,000K 11-Sep-02 James Zumpf