Date Processed NO. ADOT / COG / MPO DESCRIPTION NOTES Date Approved by the FHWA/FTA Processed By
30-Jan-03 1 MAG MC-85 BR @ Agua Fria River BR Rehab (TIP Amendment #4) 03-Feb-03 Andrew Smith
04-Mar-03 3 MAG Amend projects and consolidate HES, TEA funded: 8 projects Andrew Smith
16-Apr-03 4 PAG Add two (2) 2.6% projects TIP Amend #1 TIP ID #s 12.03 & 13.03 N/A Sandra Gilbert
16-Apr-03 5 PAG Advance/delay funding 2projects TIP Amend #2 -12.6% & TEA TIP ID#s 39.0(adv)& 663.0 (delay) N/A Sandra Gilbert
02-Apr-03 6 ADOT/MAG Change of federally funded projects GANS & CMAQ Funding 41 Projects Pending FHWA Andrew Smith
29-Apr-03 7 MAG Change funding type & Rubberized Asphalt GANS 21-Jul-03 Andrew Smith
07-May-03 8 SEAGO Add three new projects & design for bridge replmnt in Cochise CO. TIP Amend #1 no funding requested for 3 new projects & bridge destroyed 15-May-03 Sandra Gilbert
07-May-03 9 PAG Place Mountain Ave Roger Rd to Fort Lowell Rd. and Tyndall Ave. Multimodal Corridor in reserve. Add Prev. Maint. Sun Tran & Van Tran and increase funding for 6th Ave/18th St Intersection Impr. TIP Amend. #3 - Place #26.01 Mountain Ave and #445.00 Tyndall Ave. in reserve. Add project #68.03 Prev. Maint. Sun Tran & Van Tran and increase funding #455.00 6th Ave/18th St Intersection Impr. 21-May-03 Sandra Gilbert
09-Jun-03 10 MAG Change in funding GANS and payback with Federal funds 3 Projects, 2 Grand Ave and 1 Santan Greenfield, UPRR 23-Jul-03 Andrew Smith
10-Jun-03 11 PAG Change in funding, add 3 new TEA projects TIP Amend #4 - #157.00 in reserve, #155.00 increase funding, add #49.03, 50.03, 51.03 TEA projects 30-Jun-03 Sandra Gilbert
27-Jun-03 12 YMPO Change in FTA funding, tables 8 & 9 Charlene FitzGerald
07-Jul-03 13 ADOT Two new projects Atlas V & Governors Office of Highway Safety Program, BAC 0.08 22-Jul-03 Lupe Harriger
09-Jul-03 14 PAG Revised Scope (STPX), Rescope (Transit) project TIP Amend #5 - #433.00 LaCholla Blvd Safety Improvements, #89.02 5th Street Sidewalk Sahuara Ave to McKinley 21-Aug-03 Sandra Gilbert
30-Jul-03 15 MAG Some 60 projects FTA/FHWA A joint letter of approval from FTA & FHWA Submitted 7/31 Andrew Smith
06-Oct-03 16 YMPO Change in FTA funding, tables 8 & 9 Charlene FitzGerald
25-Nov-03 17 MAG ADOT and Mesa projects to current STIP FY2003-2005 One project is Aztech dev. And interoperability and Enhancement project 25-Nov-03 Andrew Smith
17-Feb-04 18 YMPO Include new Transit System Projects James Zumpf